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November 2018 – August 2019: Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Davis
January 2017 – October 2018: Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
May 2012 – December 2016: Ph.D. in Comparative Biomedical Sciences, North Carolina State University
June 2009 – April 2012: M.Sc. in Plant Biology and Biotechnology, North Carolina State University
August 2005 – May 2009: B.Sc. in Biology/Chemistry, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico


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[9] Li Y, Wang L, Rivera-Serrano EE, Chen X, Lemon SM. (2019) TNRC6 proteins modulate hepatitis C virus replication by spatially regulating the binding of miR-122/Ago2 complexes to viral RNA. Nucleic Acids Res. DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkz278 | PDF

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[6] McKnight KL, Xie L, González-López O, Rivera-Serrano EE, Chen X, Lemon SM. (2017) Protein composition of the hepatitis A virus quasi-envelope. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 114(25): 6587-6592 | PDF

[5] Rivera-Serrano EE, DeAngelis N, and Sherry B. (2017) Spontaneous activation of a MAVS-dependent antiviral signaling pathway determines high basal interferon-β expression in cardiac myocytes. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 111: 102-113 | PDF

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[4] Rivera-Serrano EE, Fritch EJ, Scholl EH, Sherry B. (2017) A cytoplasmic RNA virus alters the function of the cell splicing protein SRSF2. J. Virol. 91(7): e02488-16 | PDF

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[3] Rivera-Serrano EE and Sherry B. (2017) NF-κB activation is cell type-specific in the heart. Virology. 502: 133-143 | PDF

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[1] Rivera-Serrano EE, Rodriguez-Welsh MF, Hicks GR, Rojas-Pierce M. (2012) A small molecule inhibitor partitions two distinct pathways for trafficking of tonoplast intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis. PLoS ONE. 7(9): e44735 | PDF

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